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  1. Clothing and Authority | Effect of Formal Wear on Men’s Authority and Friendliness
  2. Color and Emotion Across Cultures | Emotional Responses of People to Various Colors
  3. Color and Perception | How Attractiveness and Confidence are Affected by the Color of Your Clothing
  4. Creating and Communicating Power through Posture | How A Man’s Stance Can Make Him Look Powerful
  5. Effect of Men’s Eyeglasses on Perception and Intelligence | Does Wearing Glasses Make You Look Smart?
  6. Effects of Facial Hair on Perception and Behavior | The Role of Face Hair on How People Perceive Men
  7. Exercise and Salary | Exercising Regularly Leads to Receiving Better Pay
  8. Facial Hair and Perception | How Facial Hair is Perceived in Different Situations
  9. Feeling Powerful and Successful Results | Effect of A Man’s Feeling of Power on His Success
  10. Gender and Brand Loyalty | How Men Respond to Different Membership Programs
  11. Grooming’s Impact on GPA and Salary | Being Well-Groomed Affects Productivity
  12. Handshakes and Persuasion | How You Shake Hands Matter When Creating an Impression
  13. How Shaved Heads are Perceived | Shaving A Man’s Head and its Effect on Social Perception
  14. Men and Functionality | Why Men Choose Function and Practicality When Shopping
  15. Myths and Truths About Neckties and Health | How Wearing Tight Neckties Can Affect Health
  16. Nonverbal Behavior in A Job Interview | Effects of Non-Verbal Actions During Work Interviews
  17. Perfume and Individual Scent | How Perfume Can Increase Attractiveness
  18. Personal Space Communicates Personality Traits | How the Appearance of an Office Affects Perception of Character
  19. Persuasion and Attractiveness | Why You Want to Look Your Best When Interacting with Others
  20. Professionalism in Social Media Profiles | A Professional Profile and How It Is Perceived Online
  21. Religious Clothing in the Workplace | Wearing Religious Clothes to Work and How it Matters
  22. Scent, Attractiveness, and Confidence | How Body Odor Can Make Men Lose Confidence
  23. Sex Appeal and Clothing | Effect of Clothes and Masculine Traits on A Man’s Sexual Appeal
  24. Sight Over Sound | Why Appearance Matters | Lessons from Musical Performances
  25. Sleeping Affects Appearance | Looking Your Best When You Have Enough Sleep
  26. Smiling Makes Instant Facial Attractiveness | How A Smile Can Make You Look Attractive
  27. Stage Entrances and First Impressions | Lessons from Musical Performances
  28. The Color Red Affects Persuasion and Sales | Wearing Red Can Persuade
  29. Using Cheap Equals Feeling Cheap | How the Use of Generic Products Influences A Man’s Confidence
  30. Wearing Black | The Color Black and its Effect on Aggressiveness and Respectability
  31. How to Avoid Choking Under Pressure | Why People Tend to Choke Under Pressure
  32. Mindfulness Meditation and Personality Change | How Habits Change Your Character
  33. Facial Piercings and Perceptions of Intelligence and Attractiveness
  34. Modern Professional Attire | Grooming and Clothing vs. Tattoos and Piercings
  35. A Man’s Guide on Color and Clothing | Notes on How the Color of Clothes is Perceived
  36. Habit Formation Research | Dressing Better by Forming Habits of Self-Improvement
  37. A Man’s Guide to Texture | Understanding Texture in Clothing
  38. Ego Depletion and Heuristics | The Psychology of Pricing and Spending
  39. Scent and Mate Selection | How Women Perceive Men’s Scent
  40. Scent and Charity | How Clean Scents Make You a Better Person
  41. Body Odor, Pity, and Blame | How Smelling Bad Causes Pity
  42. Factors that Affect Male Hair Loss | How to Prevent Losing Hair or Balding
  43. Calming Scents Increase Trust | Trusting Other People is Influenced by Certain Scents
  44. Exciting Scents Improve Job Performance, Mood, and Alertness
  45. Effect of Perfume on Cotton Fabrics | How Clothing Reacts to Perfume
  46. Axillary Hair and Body Odor | How Shaving Can Make You Smell Better
  47. 6 Basic Emotional Reactions to Scent | Emotional Response to Odors
  48. All Natural Scents Smell Better | How Natural Perfume Ingredients Affect Thoughts
  49. Scent Can Reduce Perceived Personality Flaws | How Odors Can Influence Negative Traits
  50. Masculine vs. Feminine Scents and Hiring | The Effect of Perfume on Employment
  51. 2 Theories on How Fragrances Affect Us | The Effect of Fragrance on Thinking and Behavior
  52. Disgusting Odors and Touch | The Relationship Between Scent and Touch
  53. Odor Changes Men’s Facial Attractiveness | Can Smelling Good Make Your Face Attractive?
  54. Green and Creativity | Effect of Certain Colors on Creativity
  55. Backpacks, Shoulder Straps, and Briefcases on Posture | Effect of Various Types of Bags on Posture
  56. Using Fragrance to Feel Better About Your Weight | Scent Affects How Fat You Feel
  57. Body Odor and Fabric Type | How Different Fabric Types Affect Body Scent
  58. Sock Fabric Types on Heat and Moisture | Best Sock Fabrics to Keep Feet Warm
  59. Effect of Odor on Hormones | How Various Odors Affect Hormone Levels
  60. Traditional and Non-Traditional Jobs and Attire | Masculine Jobs and Work Clothes
  61. Color Preferences – Learned or Inborn? | Factors Determining the Colors That People Prefer
  62. Clothing and Behavior on Approachability | How to Make Yourself More Approachable
  63. Restore Your Mental Well-Being with a Walk | How Walking Improves Mental Ability
  64. Should A Leader Apologize? | Does Apologizing Undermine Authority?
  65. Pleasant Fragrances and Courtship Requests | Positive Effects of Scent
  66. Pink, White, and Green “Soften” Sad Faces and “Enhance” Happy Ones
  67. Formal Clothing Abstract Thinking and Power | How Formal Attire Affects The Way You Think
  68. Formal Attire And Negotiation | How Formal Clothing Affects Chances In Negotiation
  69. Wristwatches And Conscientiousness | Does Wearing A Wristwatch Change Behavior?
  70. Nonverbal Communication and Honesty | Can Body Language Communicate Honesty?
  71. Vanilla Scent And Depression | Effect of Vanilla Scent To Mood
  72. Power Posing And Job Interview Performance | How Power Poses Affect Work Performance
  73. Complimentary Postures in Negotiating | How Posture Affects Negotiation
  74. Denim and Venom | How Denim Jeans Reduces The Venom Delivery Of Snake Bites
  75. What Makes a Man Attractive in Speed Dating? How to Achieve Initial Attractiveness
  76. Does Musical Talent Attract Women? How Your Ability to Play Music Appeals to Women
  77. Background Music and First Dating Impressions | How Music Affects First Date Attraction
  78. Do Women find Tattoos Attractive? How Women Perceive Men with Tattoos
  79. Does My Sexual History Make Me Attractive? How Women Perceive Men With Too Much Sexual History
  80. How Diet Affects Attractiveness | Eat Better, Smell Better, Be More Attractive
  81. 5 Styles of Flirting and Behavior | How to Know if a Woman is Flirting With You